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JAFA: Just Another Friendly Australian: A funny, heart-warming travel adventure 

Join Jafa as she blunders through from one dodgy decision to another – surviving a two-week holiday that turns into an eight-month, down the rabbit hole, flying by the seat of her pants, odyssey of self-discovery.

Hop on board JAFA’s party bus.
It’s a trip. Whoop! Whoop!

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Welcome to the State of Kuwait: The international teacher's survival guide

Ever wondered what it would be like to teach in the Middle East?

Welcome to the State of Kuwait gives you some idea, charting the highs and lows at a school in the tiny Middle Eastern country, which is itself struggling with identity, history and future prospects.

Collected stories, anecdotes and observations are stitched together with facts, research and loads of laughs.

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Ice-cream Bliss (The Joys of an Empty Head): A tragi-comic yoga drama in India

A self-confessed world-class slacker is realising a lifetime dream at yoga school in Goa, India.

Everything seems perfectly wonderful until the end of the four weeks' training when the newly qualified yogi is ejected from her cushioned existence and bangs into the harsh reality of India’s financial crisis, which coincides with the shock of Donald Trump winning the US presidential election.

Is it a great test of The Universe, or simply the effect of being on a beach in Goa?

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The Adventures of La Pelicana, Flaca and the Motoman: an epic motorbike road trip romance

Flaca, an independent solo traveller, meets the handsome, charismatic Motoman in a remote village in the Chilean Andes. After a few days, they decide to continue their trip north together on the Motoman’s shiny black, powerful motorbike.

Los compadres de la ruta soon become more than travel buddies as their story unfolds and extends against grand, impressive landscapes of South America.

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