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Are you looking for your next book boyfriend?

You may have found him in
Mr Off-limits Grump

Meet Jake.

He's the frontman and guitarist of
Game Changer, one of L.A.'s biggest rock bands.

Only things aren't going so well and he may be having a minor breakdown.

Ah, the pressures of being in the showbiz limelight.

It all gets too much for the handsome, single dad and he heads for the hills.

Which is how he ends up in sleepy  ol' Fairwood, the back of beyond, where no one knows him.

Oh yes, so he wakes up in a hotel room and can't remember a thing before arriving. 
He needs a coffee and a bit of a think to plan his next move.

Lucky for him, there's a café in town run by Carly, a feisty redhead who is drop-dead gorgeous, although she doesn't see it. 

Download your freebie now to find out how Jake and Carly get to their happy ever after.

Mr B Boss G composite_edited.png

Maybe you’ve found him in…

Mr Billionaire Boss Grump

Gianni Moretti is the handsome Italian ex-soccer star, single dad with something to prove.

Olivia is the love of his life, although she has changed a bit (a lot, actually).

It’s been a few years since their teenage crush far away on a different continent.

But, holy moly, if the wheels of fate don’t turn in their favor.

There’s art, a cat, pink hair, more art, and the most romantic HEA in history.

Or maybe he's in


Meet Nathan Ellis.

He's an award-winning photographer who jets around with the rich and famous.

He's got no time for love until he meets Rosa, a curvy, gorgeous, kind community worker who teaches Nathan to salsa in his kitchen.

Oh yes. And there's an award-winning kiss in an elevator.

Plus Star Wars references. What? Seriously.

This romcom has it all!

Get it here.

Or could he be here in

a fast-paced fun romcom.

Meet Nick.

He's a Harley Davidson riding, eco-warrior and he's grumpy as all hell because some lady is planning to drain the swamp he is trying to protect to build a stupid golf course!  

Only thing is, the lady in question is smoking hot. Phew!

And, oh gosh, Nick has been coerced into working with her, in a tiny trailer in the Florida summertime, and the aircon is on the blink. Oh my!

Happy reading!
Love, Francesca


Mr Fake Husband Grump 4_edited.png
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